I am below average!!! (yes 86 is below average lol)

Tried random facebook quiz yesterday “can we guess who you are in 20 questions”

and here it goes, except 2 & 4 (I do, I have beautiful silky brown hair), 1,3,5 are totally me.

well done, quiz!!!

never get bored of watching THIS not-so-usual-teen flick


"Wake up my Son, I bought toys for you, please wake up" Words from a broken father to his son Sahir, killed in Gaza.

when Katniss Everdeen met Hermione Granger

Because of this series, I am falling in love with Seattle.
Can’t wait for Aug 1.

ini lucu. parah.

(Day60 maybe?)

Ready to go!!!

Ikhlas itu seperti surat Al-ikhlas, yang di dalamnya tidak ada kata ‘ikhlas’.

— (Day53)

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- dark knight trilogy
- the perks of being a wallflower
- pixar movies
- modern family
- breaking bad
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